poorsniff - a command line windows sniffer
by nad
current version: v0.2

recent update - NEW VERSION - 8/22/06
there are now options to list interfaces, select interfaces, and optionally disable promiscuous mode
poorsniff -h for full usage
not sure if it will still compile under VC, someone can let me know if anyone notices or cares

no pcap, winpcap, packet driver required
only a 9k executable (at present)
all code public domain


to compile:
use lcc-win32

i've been told it can work under VC, after all it is only straight API calls and C, but you might have to do some winsock goofing around.
should work on anything with winsock2, you must be administrator to open and bind a raw socket. tested on win2k and winxp successfully.
update: the ioctl() i'm using for setting promiscuous mode only works on 2k and up. if anyone knows a programmatic way of doing it in win98 or earlier i'd be interested in hearing about it.

another update: this seems to get a lot of downloads, if you use it and enjoy it, drop me a line and briefly tell me how and why please.